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Adobe Certifications for individuals:

  • Adobe certification is the absolute best way to communicate your proficiency in Adobe products.
  • Resumes with Adobe certifications get noticed and fast-tracked by hiring managers.
  • Adobe certified professionals earn recognition and respect from colleagues and employers.
  • Adobe certified professionals receive exclusive updates on Adobe’s latest products and innovations.
  • Adobe certified professionals can display Adobe certification logos on their business cards, resumes.
  • Adobe certified professionals can display Adobe certification logos on their websites to leverage the power of the Adobe brand.

Adobe Certifications for businesses:

  • Adobe certifications allow you to quickly assess a job candidate’s design skills.
  • Businesses can invest in and promote their top employees by getting them Adobe certified.
  • Adobe certifications map to specific products and job roles, so businesses can always find the right person for the job.
Popular Career Options

Careers for Adobe-certified professionals vary widely depending on which certifications they have earned. Many times, professionals pursue certification to advance in companies at which they currently work. Here are some examples of careers that may be available to individuals with certifications: web developer, website administrator, graphic designer, programmer, and flash developer. Also you can certify, create and compete on Adobe Certified Associate World Championship!


The workplace demand for digital media skills-creating, managing, integrating and communicating information using Adobe’s video, graphic, web or design software-is on the rise. Adobe certifications help educators effectively teach and validate digital communications skills while providing students and creative professionals with valuable career credentials that demonstrate real-world design prowess to prospective clients and employers.

Adobe Systems’ commitment to excellence and innovation in the realm of creative design is world-renowned. Adobe certification exams are difficult, but those that are up to the challenge will reap the rewards that come with owning the most respected certificates in the digital media industry.

Adobe Certifications

Adobe offers a suite of multimedia software applications. The company mostly focuses on creativity applications. Because Adobe is one of the most widely used software applications throughout the world, proficiency in its applications is a sought after skill set among employers of technical professionals.

Adobe certifications do not require completion of specific courses or certificate programs. Instead, they require successful completion of an exam that tests a student’s practical skills. However, preparation courses or training programs are available for students who intend to take an Adobe certification exam.

ACP certification tests students on entry-level skills in multimedia design, planning and building.

Adobe certification is available at one level – Adobe Certified Associate (ACP).

Certifications are not educational programs, so for the first certification exam, ACP, there are no prerequisites. For each subsequent exam, however, test-takers must hold the certification below it. However, most people who earn Adobe certifications are already graduates of undergraduate-level computer science degree programs.

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