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Become a Testing Center



Ensure your testing facility meets the following policies and requirements as outlined in the CATC™ contract:


Register a new testing center

Note: Each person will only ever need one user account with Certiport. This account can later be assigned as many roles and functions, as needed. If you are unsure whether you have previously registered with Certiport, contact support or a Certiport Solution Partner.

Download a detailed guide of the account creation process

  1. Follow the instructions on the Registering as a new user page.
  1. Register a CATC
  2. Log in with your user account. If you have not previously registered a user account, see the Create a user account section.
  3. Select your country and whether you are registering a Certiport Center or a Child Center. If you are unsure which type of center you should be registering, contact support or a Certiport Solution Partner.
  4. Select your sector and verify accuracy by reading the definition on the right side of the screen.
  5. Enter the organization name and other pertinent account information.
  6. Accept the Certiport Center Agreement by typing your name at the bottom.
  7. Click Accept.

Purchase exams

Log in to your Certiadria Testing Center Account, browse the shop and purchase exams.

Certiadria shop


Download and install exam software

Delivery systems vary by certification program. Click each system for more information about which exams can be delivered in each system.


Account management

Learn how to manage your test center in the Certiport Portal.


Administer exams

The following is only an outline. All exams must be delivered adhering to the items detailed in the exam administration policies.

  1. The Proctor validates the candidate’s identity by checking a government-issued picture identification card, and removes all prohibited items before administering any exam.
  2. Each Test Candidate double-clicks the applicable desktop icon on the testing computer to begin the exam. The candidate:
    • enters his/her username and logs in
    • chooses the program, suite and individual exam to be taken
    • select whether or not a voucher will be used
  3. Select whether or not you will be using an Exam Group. Using exam groups provides additional reporting functionality.
  4. The proctor then verifies all the information is correct and enters his/her username to launch the exam.
  5. The proctor observes the candidate(s) throughout the duration of the exam using the appropriate observation methods.

If you have technical problems while delivering exams, contact support or a Certiport Solution Partner.

View all exam policies.

To avoid creating a duplicate test center account, please verify that your organization has not previously registered. For assistance, click here to contact us or one of our Certiport Authorized Partners.