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Get GDPR Ready

Get GDPR Ready

GDPR enforcement has begun, and your organization can’t afford inadequate compliance. As of July 2019, data protection authorities have announced 360 million euros in fines against organizations ranging from real estate management firms to hotel chains to airlines. More than 300,000 cases and complaints are pending with authorities across the EU.

Do your policies and procedures meet GDPR standards? What steps should you take to find out?

Find out with the IAPP’s GDPR Ready training. Understand GDPR requirements. Know which provisions apply to your organization. Learn how to design a response that meets regulatory requirements and builds customers’ confidence. Gain the knowledge to become a GDPR-ready privacy pro or the certified DPO (data protection officer) so many organizations need. (The IAPP estimates it will take 75,000 DPOs to meet GDPR compliance requirements.)

GDPR compliance starts with knowledge.

IAPP training, certification and membership

Recent research has established that it takes more than 20 hours of training just to acquire a workable understanding of the GDPR, and even more to prepare for a DPO position. Our GDPR Ready training courses are recognized as the most effective way to prepare for these all-important roles.

The IAPP GDPR Ready bundles deliver all the tools you need for success.

Would you prefer in-person training taught by industry-leading data protection pros, live online training delivered by experts once per week over four consecutive weeks, or the “do-it-yourself” format offered by online training classes? Whatever way you prefer, we’ve got you covered.

Looking to achieve our recognized CIPP/E and CIPM certifications? Then check out our Four-Day GDPR Ready Bundle.

All the bundles include complimentary one-year IAPP membership, which grants you access to member-only resources like the EU General Data Protection Regulation Resource Section and the DPO Toolkit. What’s in these two resources? Vendor management solutions, key sections of the regulation, DPO tech tools, access to the IAPP Privacy List, PIA templates and much more.

View the schedule below of upcoming 2019 GDPR Ready trainings. You can also train anywhere, anytime with our GDPR online training.

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