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​Business Process Framework eTOM​

Program Overview

This course will take you through three different areas of Understands the role o Frameworks within the business and knows how to implement, use and extend the Business Process Framework; firstly, we will start with TM Forum’s Frameworks Overview, which is the first step in establishing your Frameworks foundation.

The course takes you on high-level 360-degree tour of Framworks, including the Business Process, Information, Application, and Integration Frameworks and the Best Practices and Metrics. This course will start you on your path to understanding Frameworks and how it can be used for transformation and success in the digital economy.

Program Duration:
5 Days

Delivery Methods:
Face-to-face learning


  • Use the Framework to improve business efficiency
  • Collect and re-use the knowledge that exists in your business
  • Provide a solid foundation for scoping projects, planning the future and assessing the impact of change
  • Create a common understanding of the tasks involved in running your business and a common language to describe them
  • Interact with your suppliers and partners using standard terminology
  • Who should attend?
  • Level: Foundation
  • Prerequisite: TM Forum Framewon Overview is recommended

Who should attend?

  • Business managers, enterprise solution architects, process practitioners and quality managers
  • Solution architects working for enterprise application providers or integrators
  • Anyone interested in ensuring that a service provider business operates as efficiently as possible
  • Anyone interested in gaining a better understanding of the relationship between the goals of the business and the supporting IT infrastructure
  • Innovative coaching and monitoring
  • Interactive
  • Excercises
  • Practical applications
  • Real situations study
  • Live delivery method
  • Instructor — led Training