About Testing Centers

Certiport is the leading provider of value-added, computerized test delivery services that include an expanding network of testing centers worldwide. Any organization can deliver Certiport's globally recognized certification exams by becoming a Certiport Authorized Testing Center.

Benefits of Becoming a Certiport Authorized Testing Center

It's free, it's easy, and it's very beneficial to become a Certiport Authorized Testing Center (CATC).

Benefits for Schools:

Registering as a CATC will allow you to run the exams seamlessly in class.
Students love the convenience of becoming certified on their own campus, rather than traveling off-site to another testing center.
Students often perform better because of their comfort with the test-taking environment.

Benefits for Public Testing Centers:

Registering as a CATC increases your exposure to the public by offering a wider variety of exams.
Visiting test candidates will gain exposure to your center's other services.
The ability to offer all of Certiport's exams creates additional income for your center.

Technical Requirements

Note: It is very important during the process of becoming a CATC to vet the technical requirements of administering a Certiport exam against your organization's current PC and network setup to ensure a seamless integration and support an error-free testing environment.

To review our Technical Requirements please click here and locate the specific requirements based on either the exam(s) you will be delivering, or by the exam engine you will be delivering with.

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