CATC Video Library

For the most up to date information, please refer to our Quick Reference Guides, or the individual "Training & Tools" pages accessed under the Organization Administrator role (requires login).

Getting Started and Welcome

Video Icon Getting Started:
Getting started as a Certiport Authorized Testing Center (CATC)
Video Icon Welcome to Certiport (US Organization Administrators): 
A brief overview of the website

Instaling, Using and Launching Software

Video Icon Console 8 Test Launch Demo: 
How to launch a certification exam using Console 8
Video Icon Installing Certiport Online Exams: 
How to install Certiport Online Exams
Video Icon Launching Certiport Online Exams: 
How to launch a Certiport Online Exam

Managing, Reporting and Printing

Video Icon Managing VL Purchases Through The Site Pack Management Portal: 
Learn how to access and administer your MOS and MTA Site Packs purchased through the Microsoft Volume Licensing portal.
Video Icon Exam Vouchers, Inventory, and Licenses: 
Understand how to purchase and use exam vouchers, inventory, and licenses.
Video Icon Manage Associations: 
How to add/remove rights and roles from individuals on your CATC account
Video Icon Exam Administration: 
How to proctor exams, what ideal testing environments look like, and what to do in case of cheating
Video Icon Run Reports for Exam Results & Exam Groups: 
How to run different reports available to Organization Administrators.
Video Icon Print Certificates: 
How to print a certificate online, after an exam has been passed (HP, Adobe, Autodesk, QuickBooks, IC3, Microsoft Office)
Video Icon Print Certificates for the MTA Exam: 
How to print an MTA certificate through the Microsoft Website, after an exam has been passed
Video Icon Practice Tests from Home Through Exam Groups: 
How Test Candidates can take practice tests at home using vouchers, inventory, or licenses.